Saturday, July 24, 2010


You know, Zimmermann is a great Australian designer label, whether it’s 02 or 10/11 fall, their swimwear are never out-of-date. Their range is just so playful and diverse yet  with any piece it still has that same vibe due to their vibrant prints and design.  Like all clothing, you really have to know what suits you. For me and having an apple body shape, I find floral, block, and bright does the trick in even things out.

Zimmermann swimwear Cruise collection 08/09. Source: popbee, theage.
Zimmermann wear


Mystery Bruises said...

kill me!
i will never eat again

julia louise said...

Lovely. Lovin' the last picture :-)

Jessie said...

Love it all! Thanks for stopping in at my blog :) I am now following you as well :)

Carolina Krews said...

While ago I made collage with Zimmermann swimsuits...I totally love them, very beautiful designs and summer dresses, love it.


BenchesandChandeliers said...

this post makes me wish summer wouldn't end so soon!

GREEDS said...

These bathing suits are to die for!

Lori said...

i love the runway looks!

...look closer

Cookies said...

Thank you so much ! :D