Thursday, October 29, 2009

Funky or Wild?


So, I’ve realized that I always had a thing for Ethnic and funky prints (I think that's what they're called, my Bf calls them grandma prints lololol ^^) but never really worn them due to never finding anything which will flatter me. But still, I’ve  noticed that they are starting to build up in my wardrobe; surprise, surprise. I particularly favour the ones that tends to be more subtle,  in  tiny prints, and  are in deep rich colours

The images I got are close enough. I’m liking the Karen Walker one, I fancy how it has a sheer light frill under layer. Oh and the shoes, the colour is fantastic, its is dark chocolate red plum? Please tell me, I go crazy over really dark colours on such pale white skin.

Nz’s designers are really shinning through. Which brings me to the next topic. The Models!!
I saw in a few blogs lately posting about the 'Lonely Hearts' collection, but little did I know they were NZ’s very own models. Amy Tappenden and Nicole Clulee]
wow, they are fantastic looking. I'm not too sure what show this is that Nicole Clulee is featuring in
But omg... I want to paint my lips all chocolate red and have my hair in a bun

top 1: Lonely Hearts "What's your damage? A/W 2010
bottom 1: Karen Walker Spring Summer 2010 "The Village"  

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Milkshakes 'n' scramble eggs

Last few days, I've been browsing through blogs and looking at some photography pictures, and they have really inspired me to take some self portrait in funky tones. I don't have a flashy  photography camera, just a plain camera. But, with the lighting of the sun and some coloring changes, they turn out well.

I'm liking. links
aimee ketsdever photoposts
Animals Can't Laugh

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Belt n Buckel

Up late can't sleep, such a beautiful day today, soo lovely and warm.
Dressed casually, ripped demin shorts, long washed purple singlet and black cardy, hair fishbraid, feet; sandals. I wanted to wear my new platforms, but I've been wearing that too much, thought I'll give my caft muscle a rest. I'm not much of a heel or platform wearer, it seems a bit too much for daily outings, but lately I've noticed they do wonders to my legs, and just make my  lay back casual outfit more WOW. But flats are always a good company to have a around.

Kerr looks fantastic particularly the 2nd one, I love how her hair looks slightly red. I've never seen her like that, not just the hair but the style, she always seem more, umm in perfect order, there she looks more relax and flowing; must be the dress, flats, and the hair. speaking of Kerr

Just me or does this cover picture look not much like her?