Wednesday, July 28, 2010

5 Things I'm Going to Ramble on About (non-fashion related)

1. Getting little clumps of mascara in your eyes
This is extremely irritating and even more painful when I wear contact lenses. All the time, I would find myself rubbing my eyes getting them all watery and red. It is practically dreadful in the morning putting contacts on, it stings so bad because there’s little clumps of mascara stuck under it. I think I should go back to glasses; contacts aren’t what they’re made out to be. This leads me to my second point…

2. Don’t leave you glasses lying around.
I broke my last one by not putting it in the case; I threw it my bag and found it scratched. Then left it on the couch where it dropped on the ground and got stood on. They were YSL my parents gave me. Just hope they don’t ask anything about it when I see them next. The one before that, (a Gucci my sister gave me) I left it in the driver’s seat and guess what, sat on it. I must have a fat ass.

3. Yah! I finally finished The End of the end of Serious of Unfortunate Events!
Started when I was back in primary school, but just never got around to reading it I mean come on 13 books. But I love his writing. I don’t know if I am happy for annoyed. I think both. The second to last and the last, yeah they were good, I learnt new words and new things, but the story itself, rah! Not cool, really annoyed. A little kid inside me was really hoping for something else.

4. Watched Jumper (fully). Hayden, hmm HOT.
But the whole time, I was like, he reminds me of some one, but who??? So I googled him and a picture stood out, He reminds me of Jean-Baptiste played by Vincent Perez. If you look him up, you might not agree, but trust me if you watch Indochina, you will. Also Hayden looks like C. Thomas Howell back in his hay-day. Hmm, oh Ponyboy. ‘Drool’.

5. Kings of Leon cancelling their concert after three songs playing at St. Louis over the weekend due to concerns for their ‘health ’. Yeah, it was because they were being pooped on by pigeons. Jarred said that he got pooped down his back and face and it slithered into his mouth. Ewww that is sick. I feel so sorry for them; horrible. I never liked pigeons; to me they are like rats that can fly. I just hope this pooped on tag doesn’t follow them, doesn’t help that the blogged about…


Lady Moriarty said...

I've heard about this Kings of Leon story. Amazing !

See U !

elke said...

haha nice.

great blog too, just found you today (:

stop by mine sometime?

WrenRennard said...

Hehe - I read all the Series of Unfortunate Events too!
Love your blog x

VanilahFashion said...

Yes I understand!, clumps of mascara kill me. haha
Pretty picture by the way :)
Vanilah xx

BenchesandChandeliers said...

clumps of mascara-- hate it too!