Wednesday, September 9, 2009

LIskula Cohen, Rosemary Port

I like just to make a comment about LIskula Cohen and Rosemary Port lawsuit againts Google. She is not particular an interest for me, maybe in her younger days. If you want to make a stand over publicity "apparently" then great. But if the insult has made such a hell where "it turned your life upside down with the hateful" then don't file a lawsuif and draw attention to youself!

Google Blog is an for expressions not facts, but if you take it literally, people will also take it literally. Now when people think of her, they'll just think "psychotic, lying, whoring ... skank" and she can thank Rosemary Port for it.

But the interesting thing is, before the lawsuit againt the blogger, only two viewed the page, one being the author herself and the other by the model! I hope maybe Lily Aldridge will see my page and all the nice thing I say about her then maybe bloody time she'll add me on her facebook! >< hahaha I'm kidding.

Any who, Just hope Google don't go around sharing my personal information.

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