Sunday, July 12, 2009

Aaa chOOOo!

Just Finished:
A Series of Unfortunate Events;
The Grim Grotto

Lemony Snickets
I first read the collection when I
was back primary; I am now 2nd yr
at Uni and it still excites me ;)
I enjoy the fact that with each book
there's always still something new and
quirky the author entwines into the story .

A Killer Bod

Yesterday, my Bf and I walked home after the circus (The circus was incredible).We walked across this rd to get into our road. This van behind us beeped, so we turned around and this old hag in the van pulled the finger at us; I was appalled! We pulled the finger right back at her after a quick discussion whether we were in the wrong or not. After some more discussion, we've come to a conclusion that we have no idea what the hell was wrong with her and what made her did that, all I know is I want to go and find her house so I can egg her face.


b. said...

" i can egg her face."



Valentine said...

I love A series of unfortunate events too.. such a lovely book..



Bluefemme said...

I love Carmen Kaas. Beautiful picures!

ryder said...

that is so strange...

what a strange and bizzare situation.

Wendy said...

yikes.. you know, people..
gorgeous pictures and omg, the shoes...


Sharon said...

beautiful pictures!

Yet said...

That guys kinda dangerous a rich skinny boy kinda way...heartbreaker...

sharpie said...

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love it!

Lilee said...

love the book!

Jess said...

haha some people are just a**holes. i'm glad you guys stood up for yourselves!

Hello, darling said...

I love these pictures... [and btw the model is Du Juan of IMG] ♥